About Precision Pilates Studio

The mission of the studio is to create a supportive environment where we challenge you to gain strength, increase your flexibility and incorporate mindful movement practices into your daily life. 

Our classes & private sessions are designed to meet your fitness goals through mindful movement and personal attention. Our instructors have at least 600 hours of training (combined with continuing education credits) and over 7 years of teaching experience. We pride ourselves on personalizing your workouts to find the balance between your fitness goals and any previous injuries or current physical limitations.

About Our Instructors

Cathryn Costello Goerger was trained in classical ballet at Pacific Northwest Ballet and Cornish Preparatory in Seattle, WA, where she also studied modern dance.  Cathryn was introduced to Pilates in 1993 after a dance injury and continued to supplement her dance training with Pilates classes. She received her B.F.A. in dance from Cornish College of the Arts and moved to New York City to pursue a professional dance career.

Cathryn earned her Pilates Mat and Equipment certification through the Kane School of Core Integration in NYC in 2009; she learned classical Pilates choreography with an emphasis on correct biomechanics, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Cathryn has 450 hours of Pilates training and over 7 years of experience teaching Pilates to athletes, dancers, farmers, office workers, homemakers and individuals with limited movement capability. Cathryn’s specialty is introducing Pilates principles to those with no previous Pilates experience. She is a firm believer that everyone and anyone can benefit from Pilates! 

Although Cathryn was raised in Seattle and lived in New York City for 12 years, her maternal family is from and currently resides in Wyndmere, ND. She lives in Barney with her husband, John Goerger, her stepson Ethan (12 years old), son Michael (3 years old) and 1-year-old daughter Lucinda. Cathryn feels blessed everyday to share her knowledge, experience and self with others through her Pilates practice.



Darcy Neumann is the owner of Soulista, Traditional Yoga & Classical Pilates located in Fargo, ND. Darcy is a certified and registered yoga instructor and trainer through Yoga Alliance, as well as a Classical Pilates Intr./Trainer/Educator with over 2,000 hours of training, as well as a Yoga Therapist, IAYT certified. Before opening Soulista, she was a registered nurse for over 15 years.

Throughout her years in fitness and nursing she found that health starts from the inside out and keeping all aspects of our lives in balance is what provides health. Darcy's passion and devotion to yoga, yoga therapy and Pilates is deeply rooted in helping you find alignment, awareness, concentration, precision, and breath in all aspects of your life. 

Her style has a prominent emphasis on teaching yoga classes through a slower vinyasa style.  She values paying particular attention to how your body is responding and feeling in each pose allowing you time to breathe deeply and adjust so yoga “fits” you.  You may also notice when attending her FlowYing class that holding poses in a Yin style allows the connection tissue to open and lengthen which is of great benefit when your body is tight and stiff or you are a new Yogi.

Darcy's goals for you and our community is: To provide you with the tools to uncover your highest potential through a Yoga, Pilates or Yoga Therapy Practice. To build a community of Yoga / Pilates practitioners and participants that are passionate about reaching their highest gift, to serve others daily.



“I wanted to try Pilates because of the relationship it would have with my dance background. I danced for 13 years and have missed it since the day I walked away from it. Pilates has given me the core strength and flexibility that resembles my past in dance. Cathryn really emphasizes the importance of body placement, which is so important when doing Pilates. I've tried taking Pilates classes at gyms but the instructor didn't take the time to explain the movements or make corrections on anyone. I felt lost and discouraged. I would encourage anyone to try Pilates with Cathryn for the simple reason of the one on one attention you will receive from her. I feel that I'm getting better results from the one on one attention verses the large class I've taken in the past.” - Marie Zaharia

“I’ve been in numerous exercise classes over the years and once I’ve left the class, I’ve forgotten about it. Pilates with Cathryn is different. I’ve been taking Pilates for nearly a year now, just once a week, but it’s become part of my everyday life. I now think about how I’m sitting, how I’m standing. It’s more than just an exercise class; it’s a way of life.”  - Teresa Braaten


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