Precision Pilates Studio Classes

Pilates Mat Classes


Pilates mat classes challenge your core muscles, increase your flexibility and build muscle tone. Exercises are performed on a Pilates mat with props like a foam roller and stability balls for assistance and to increase difficulty. Beginner modifications & advanced variations are provided for exercises depending on experience and physical restrictions. 55 minutes. Limited to 11 participants.

Reformer Classes


Reformers are Pilates machines that use springs and pulleys to provide variable resistance to assist and challenge the body. These classes accommodate 1 to 3 clients at a time to receive individualized attention and correction in a group class environment. 

If you’re new to Precision Pilates Studio or have never been on our reformers, you must take at least one private session on the equipment before being approved for group reformer classes. This is to ensure your safety getting on and off the equipment in a group setting. Classes are 55 minutes.

Pilates Private (1:1) Training



Pilates Private sessions are the fastest path to meeting your personal fitness goals, whether you are new to Pilates or have previous experience. Our studio has a wide variety of Pilates’ equipment and props to help tailor a program just for you. Private sessions are great for any one; especially if you have injuries, physical limitations or prefer an individual training experience. 55 minutes.